Zen Masters of Japan: The Second Step East by Richard Bryan McDaniel
English | 2013 | ISBN: 4805312726 | 288 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Zen Masters of Japan is the second book in a series that traces Zen’s
profoundly historic journey as it spread eastward from China and Japan,
toward the United States. Following Zen Masters of China, this book
concentrates on Zen’s significant passage through Japan. More
specifically, it describes the lineage of the great teachers, the
Pioneers who set out to enlighten an island ready for an inner
transformation based on compassionate awareness.

While the existing Buddhist establishment in Japan met early Zen
pioneers like Dogen and Eisai with fervent resistance, Zen Buddhism
ultimately perservered and continued to become further transformed in
its passage through Japan. The Japanese culture and Japanese Buddhism
practices further deepened and strengthened Zen training by combining it
with a variety of esoteric contemplative arts the arts of poetry, the
tea ceremony, calligraphy, and archery. Zen Masters of Japan chronicles
this journey, and shows how the new practices soon gained in popularity
among all walks of life from the lowly peasant, offering a hope of
reincarnation and a better life; to the Samurai warrior due to its
casual approach to death; to the ruling classes, challenging the
intelligentsia because of its scholarly roots. A collection of Zen
stories, meditation, and their wisdom, Zen Masters of Japan also
explores the illusive state of ‘No Mind’ achieved in Japan that is so
fundamental to Zen practices today.

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