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The Afterblight Chronicles series

The Afterblight Chronicles series

The world has been devastated by an epidemic. Although there are pockets of an attempted continuation of civilisation, the truth is that the world has gone to hell in a handcart. The reason for this is a disease that has wiped out most of the world’s population. It kills almost all those who are not of the blood group ‘O neg’. Those people who survive are untouched. Everyone else dies. Infrastructures have collapsed. Mobs run rampant. The only kind of law that exists is that imposed by the people with the biggest guns. In this devastated and chaotic world who can bring hope and order? The Blight arose from nowhere. It swept across the bickering nations like the End of Times. As the numbers thinned and societies crumbled, the survivors picked their way between silent streets and looked out on the squalid new order. Hotheaded religion and territorial savagery rule the cities now. Somewhere, amidst the chaos, a damaged man receives a signal, and with it the tiniest flicker of hope. This is the chance to rediscover the humanity he lost, long ago, in the blood and filth and horror of the Cull. He mustcross the Atlantic, defeat warrior gangs in New York and seek out the location of his missing love.

Books list:

  • The Culled (The Afterblight Chronicles, #1)
  • Kill or Cure (The Afterblight Chronicles, #2)
  • School’s Out (The Afterblight Chronicles, #3)
  • Dawn Over Doomsday (The Afterblight Chronicles, #4)
  • Arrowhead (The Afterblight Chronicles, #5)
  • Operation Motherland (The Afterblight Chronicles, #6)
  • Death Got No Mercy (The Afterblight Chronicles, #7)
  • Broken Arrow (The Afterblight Chronicles, #8)
  • Children’s Crusade (The Afterblight Chronicles, #9)
  • Arrowland (The Afterblight Chronicles, #10)
  • Blood Ocean (The Afterblight Chronicles, #11)
  • School’s Out Forever (The Afterblight Chronicles, #12)
  • Orbital Decay (The Afterblight Chronicles, #13)
  • Dead Kelly (The Afterblight Chronicles, #14)
  • The Bloody Deluge (The Afterblight Chronicles, #15)

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