Blood Price (Vicki Nelson #1):

The Blood Books are now available in “Blood Ties” TV tie-in editions. View our TV tie-in feature page here here.Vicki Nelson, formerly of Toronto’s homicide unit and now a private detective, witnesses the first of many vicious attacks that are now plaguing the city of Toronto. As death follows unspeakable death, Vicki is forced to renew her tempestuous relationship with her former partner, Mike Celluci, to stop these forces of dark magic—along with another, unexpected ally…

Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII, has learned over the course of his long life how to blend with humans, how to deny the call for blood in his veins. Without him, Vicki and Mike would not survive the ancient force of chaos that has been unleashed upon the world—but in doing so, his identity may be exposed, and his life forfeit.

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Books list:

Wizard Crystal
1. Child of the Grove (1988)
2. The Last Wizard (1989)
Wizard of the Grove (omnibus) (1999)

Victoria Nelson
1. Blood Price (1991)
2. Blood Trail (1992)
3. Blood Lines (1993)
4. Blood Pact (1993)
5. Blood Debt (1997)
6. Blood Bank (2008)

1. Sing the Four Quarters (1994)
2. Fifth Quarter (1995)
3. No Quarter (1996)
4. The Quartered Sea (1999)
Three Quarters (2016)

Keeper’s Chronicles
1. Summon the Keeper (1998)
2. The Second Summoning (2001)
3. Long Hot Summoning (2003)

1. Valor’s Choice (2000)
2. The Better Part of Valor (2002)
3. The Heart of Valor (2007)
4. Valor’s Trial (2008)
5. The Truth of Valor (2010)

Smoke and
1. Smoke and Shadows (2004)
2. Smoke and Mirrors (2005)
3. Smoke and Ashes (2006)

Enchantment Emporium
1. The Enchantment Emporium (2009)
2. The Wild Ways (2011)
3. The Future Falls (2014)

1. An Ancient Peace (2015)

Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light (1989)
The Fire’s Stone (1990)
The Silvered (2012)

Of Darkness, Light and Fire (2001)

What Ho, Magic! (1999)
Nights of the Round Table (2011)
February Thaw (2011)
Swan’s Braid (2013)
He Said, Sidhe Said (2013)
Third Time Lucky (2015)

12. Scholar of Decay (1995)

Dracula in London (2001)

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