Sara Wood: A Mass Mudrer Series

1 Bloody Vengeance.epub
2 Mass Murderer – Tears for the dead, A\
3 Mass Murderer – Coffin for the living, A\
4 Mass Murderer – Blood for blood, A\
5 Mass Murderer – Methods for murder, A\
6 Mass Murderer – Motive for murder, A\
7 The mode of murder.epub

Returning home to his homestead from the big city, middle aged Roy Travis Klyne and his friend and closest neighbor, Bates find something was strangely wrong in the household. His wife Louise, was sprawled on the floor barely able to breathe her clothes were in tatters she had bled profusely.
It took all his self-discipline to stop himself jumping up and grabbing her. There was a great bruise under her right eye, and her nose had been bleeding. A thread of black blood crept drily from the corner of her mouth, down across her chin, on her neck. And there were deep scratches around her throat.
He realized that Bates had also seen it at the same moment, hearing the strangled gasp, and feeling the man’s body tense in the chair beside him, ready to leap up. Klyne reached across and seized his arm, squeezing it with all his strength.
They both heard her rant “They have murdered your wife and raped us repeatedly and almost killed me, they were not men but beasts.” She sobbed.
“Who were they?”
They were men from your past, seeking vengeance, they said they gave what you deserved.” She said pointing to the bedroom with a final gasp she dropped her head as the last breath went out of her.

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