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This impressive doorstopper of a book is like a family historical saga, except that the family is the American intelligence community. It has all the appropriate characters and tracks them over 40 years: a rogue uncle, the Sorcerer, a heavy-drinking chief of the Berlin office in the early Cold War days; a dashing hero, Jack McAuliffe, who ages gracefully and never loses his edge; a dastardly turncoat, who for the sake of the reader will not be identified here, but who dies nobly; a dark genius, the real-life James Jesus Angleton, who after the disclosure that an old buddy, British spy Kim Philby, had been a Russian agent all along, became a model of paranoia; a Russian exchange student who starts out with our heroes at Yale but then works for “the other side”; and endless assorted ladyfolk, wives, girlfriends and gutsy daughters who are not portrayed with anything like the gritty relish of the men.

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a nasty piece  of work  a novel_littell_robert.epub
A.J. Lewinter  – The Defection of A. J. Lewinter.epub
Legends – Robert Littell.epub
Revolutionist, The – Robert Littell.epub
Robert Littell – Mother Russia (retail).epub
Robert Littell – Sweet Reason (retail).epub
Robert Littell – The Company (v5.0).epub
Robert Littell – The Once and Future Spy (v5.0) (epub).epub
Robert Littell – Vicious Circle (retail).epub
RobertLittell-Young Philby.epub
The Company_ A Novel of the CIA – Robert Littell.epub
The Debriefing.epub
The October Circle – Robert Littell.epub
The Stalin Epigram – Robert Littell.epub
The Visiting Professor.epub

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