Robert A. Heinlein collection

Stranger in a Strange Land:

NAME: Valentine Michael Smith

Valentine Michael Smith is a human being raised on Mars, newly returned to Earth. Among his people for the first time, he struggles to understand the social mores and prejudices of human nature that are so alien to him, while teaching them his own fundamental beliefs in grokking, watersharing, and love.


Books list:

Early Heinlein novels
RH01 –  Rocket Ship Galileo, 1947
RH02 –  Beyond This Horizon, 1948 (initially serialized in 1942, and at that time credited to Anson MacDonald)
RH03 –  Space Cadet, 1948
RH04 –  Red Planet, 1949
RH05 –  Sixth Column, 1949 (initially serialized in 1941, and at that time credited to Anson MacDonald) (aka: The Day After Tomorrow)
RH06 –  Between Planets, 1951
RH07 –  The Puppet Masters, 1951 (re-published posthumously with excisions restored, 1990)
RH08 –  The Rolling Stones, 1952 (aka: Space Family Stone)
RH09 –  Farmer in the Sky, 1953 (initially serialized in 1950 in a condensed version in Boys’ Life magazine as “Satellite Scout” (Retro Hugo Award, 1951)
RH10 –  Starman Jones, 1953
RH11 –  The Star Beast, 1954
RH12 –  Tunnel in the Sky, 1955
RH13 –  Double Star, 1956Hugo Award, 1956
RH14 –  Time for the Stars, 1956
RH15 –  Citizen of the Galaxy, 1957
RH16 –  The Door into Summer, 1957
RH17 –  Have Space SuitWill Travel, 1958Hugo Award nominee, 1959
RH18 –  Methuselah’s Children, 1958 (originally a serialized novella in 1941)
RH19 –  Starship Troopers, 1959Hugo Award, 1960

Middle Heinlein novels
RH20 –  Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961 — Hugo Award, 1962 (republished at the original greater length in 1991)
RH21 –  Podkayne of Mars, 1963
RH22 –  Orphans of the Sky, 1963 (fix-up novel comprising the novellas “Universe” and “Common Sense”, both originally published in 1941)
RH23 –  Glory Road, 1963Hugo Award nominee, 1964
RH24 –  Farnham’s Freehold, 1965
RH25 –  The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, 1966 — Hugo Award, 1967
RH26 –  I Will Fear No Evil, 1970
RH27 –  Time Enough for Love, 1973Nebula Award nominated, 1973 Hugo and Locus SF Awards nominated, 1974

Late Heinlein novels
RH28 –  The Number of the Beast, 1980
RH29 –  Friday, 1982Hugo, Nebula, and Locus SF Awards nominee, 1983
RH30 –  Job: A Comedy of Justice, 1984 – Nebula Award nominee, 1984; Locus Fantasy Award winner, Hugo Award nominee, 1985
RH31 –  The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, 1985
RH32 –  To Sail Beyond the Sunset, 1987

Early Heinlein works published posthumously
RH33 –  For Us, The Living: A Comedy of Customs (written in 1939, published posthumously in 2003)
RH34 –  Variable Star (posthumously with Spider Robinson) (Heinlein’s 8 page outline written in 1955; Robinson’s full novel from the outline appeared in 2006)

Short fiction
“Future History” short fiction
RH35 – The Past Through Tomorrow, Contains all the short stories, except those marked RH36, RH37 and RH38
“Life-Line”, 1939
RH36 –  “Let There Be Light”, 1940
“Misfit”, 1939
“The Roads Must Roll”, 1940
“Requiem”, 1940
“If This Goes On”, 1940, first novel.
“Coventry”, 1940
“Blowups Happen”, 1940
RH37 –  “Universe”, 1941
“We Also Walk Dogs” 1941 (as Anson MacDonald)
RH38 –  “Common Sense”, 1941
“Methuselah’s Children”, 1941 (lengthened and published as a novel, 1958)
“Logic of Empire”, 1941
“Space Jockey”, 1947
“It’s Great to Be Back!”, 1947
“The Green Hills of Earth”, 1947
“Ordeal in Space”, 1948
“The Long Watch”, 1948
“Gentlemen, Be Seated!”, 1948
“The Black Pits of Luna”, 1948
“Delilah and the Space Rigger”, 1949
“The Man Who Sold the Moon”, 1950, (Retro Hugo Award)
“The Menace From Earth”, 1957
“Searchlight”, 1962

Other short speculative fiction
All the works initially attributed to Anson MacDonald, Caleb Saunders, John Riverside and Simon York, and many of the works attributed to Lyle Monroe, were later reissued in various Heinlein collections and attributed to Heinlein.
At Heinlein’s insistence, the three Lyle Monroe stories marked with the symbol ‘§’ were never reissued in a Heinlein anthology during his lifetime.
RH39 –  “Magic, Inc.”, 1940 (aka: “The Devil Makes the Law”)
RH40 –  “Solution Unsatisfactory”, 1940 (as Anson MacDonald)
RH36 –  “Let There Be Light”, 1940 (as Lyle Monroe)
RH41 –  “Successful Operation” 1940 (aka: “Heil!”) (as Lyle Monroe)
RH42 –  “They”, 1941
RH43 –  “And He Built a Crooked House”, 1941
RH44 –  “By His Bootstraps”, 1941 (as Anson MacDonald)
RH45 –  “Lost Legacy”, 1941 (aka: “Lost Legion”) (as Lyle Monroe)
RH46 –  “Elsewhen”, 1941 (aka: “Elsewhere”) (as Caleb Saunders)
RH47 –  Â§ “Beyond Doubt”, 1941 (as Lyle Monroe with Elma Wentz)
RH48 –  “The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag”, 1942 (as John Riverside)
RH49 –  “Waldo”, 1942 (as Anson MacDonald)
RH50 –  Â§ “My Object All Sublime”, 1942 (as Lyle Monroe)
RH51 –  “Goldfish Bowl”, 1942 (as Anson MacDonald)
RH52 –  Â§ “Pied Piper”, 1942 (as Lyle Monroe)
RH53 –  “Free Men”, 1946 (published 1966)
RH54 –  “Jerry Was a Man”, 1947
RH55 –  “Columbus Was a Dope”, 1947 (as Lyle Monroe)
RH56 –  “On the Slopes of Vesuvius”, 1947
RH57 –  “Our Fair City”, 1948
RH58 –  “Gulf”, 1949
RH59 –  “Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon”, 1949
RH60 –  “Destination Moon”, 1950
RH61 –  “The Year of the Jackpot”, 1952
RH62 –  “Project Nightmare”, 1953
RH63 –  “Sky Lift”, 1953
RH64 –  “Tenderfoot in Space”, 1956 (serialized 1958)
RH65 –  “The Man Who Traveled in Elephants”, 1957 (aka: “The Elephant Circuit”)
RH66 –  “All You Zombies”, 1959

Other short fiction
RH67 –  “A Bathroom of Her Own”, 1946
RH68 –  “Dance Session”, 1946 (love poem)
RH69 –  “The Witch’s Daughter”, 1946 (poem)
RH70 –  “Water Is for Washing”, 1947
RH71 –  “They Do It with Mirrors”, 1947 (as Simon York)
RH72 –  “Poor Daddy”, 1949
RH73 –  “Cliff and the Calories”, 1950
RH74 –  “The Bulletin Board”, 1951

Collections (Not Included in bibliography as content can be found above)
The Man Who Sold the Moon, 1950
Waldo & Magic, Inc., 1950
The Green Hills of Earth, 1951
Assignment in Eternity, 1953
Revolt in 2100, 1953
The Robert Heinlein Omnibus, 1958
The Menace From Earth, 1959
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, 1959 (aka: 6 X H)
Three by Heinlein, 1965
A Robert Heinlein Omnibus, 1966
The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein, 1966
The Past Through Tomorrow, 1967 (almost-complete Future History collection, missing “Let There Be Light,” “Universe,” and “Common Sense”)
The Best of Robert A. Heinlein, 1973
Expanded Universe, 1980
A Heinlein Trio, 1980 (omnibus of The Puppet Masters, Double Star, and The Door Into Summer)
The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein, 1999 (omnibus of Waldo & Magic, Inc. and The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag)
Infinite Possibilities, 2003 (omnibus of Tunnel in the Sky, Time for the Stars, and Citizen of the Galaxy)
To the Stars, 2004 (omnibus of Between Planets, The Rolling Stones, Starman Jones, and The Star Beast)
Off the Main Sequence, 2005 (short stories including three never before collected)
Four Frontiers, 2005 (omnibus of Rocket Ship Galileo, Space Cadet, Red Planet, and Farmer in the Sky)
Outward Bound, 2006 (omnibus of Have Space SuitWill Travel, Starship Troopers, Podkayne of Mars)

RH75 –  Tomorrow, the Stars, 1952, anthology of stories by 14 authors selected by Frederik Pohl and Judith Merril, foreword by Heinlein who got his name on the cover.

RH76 –  No Bands Playing, No Flags Flying, written 1947, published 1973
RH77 –  Grumbles from the Grave, 1989 (posthumously)
RH78 –  Take Back Your Government: A Practical Handbook for the Private Citizen, 1992 (Originally published as How To Be A Politician)
RH79 –  Tramp Royale, 1992

RH80 –  The Notebooks of Lazarus Long, illuminated by D.F Vassallo, 1978
RH81 –  Requiem: New Collected Works by Robert A. Heinlein and Tributes to the Grand Master, 1992

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