Pure Filth by Sam Crescent (ePUB)

Pure Filth by Sam Crescent 
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Overview: Rule one: No sex without a condom
Rule two: No sleeping together
Rule three: No kissing on the lips…
They were the three simple rules that James lived by as an escort. He owned Pure Filth, the escort service that guaranteed men and women satisfaction. The she made an appointment and everything changed. Bring a virgin at twenty-five was not Haley’s intention but she didn’t trust men. Her drunken friend’s suggestion has Haley making an appointment. One night with his rules broken, James can’t get enough. He offers Haley the chance to experience everything she has missed out on. All she has to do is give herself to him. What starts out as an adventure soon has both of their hearts on the line. Can Haley get over his career? Can James give up the life that he has built up for the only woman he’s ever loved?
Genre: Erotic Romance

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