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March Violets (Bernie Gunther #1) :

Bernhard Gunther is a hard-boiled Berlin detective who specializes in tracking down missing persons—mostly Jews. He is summoned by a wealthy industrialist to find the murderer of his daughter and son-in-law, killed during the robbery of a priceless diamond necklace.

Gunther quickly is catapulted into a major political scandal involving Hitler’s two main henchmen, Goering and Himmler. The search for clues takes Gunther to morgues overflowing with Nazi victims; raucous nightclubs; the Olympic games where Jesse Owens tramples the theory of Aryan racial superiority; the boudoir of a famous actress; and finally to the Dachau concentration camp. Fights with Gestapo agents, shoot-outs with adulterers, run-ins with a variety of criminals, and dead bodies in unexpected places keep readers guessing to the very end.

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Books list:

A Five Year Plan – Philip Kerr.epub
A Man Without Breath – Philip Kerr.epub
A Philosophical Investigation – Philip Kerr.epub
A Quiet Flame – Philip Kerr.epub
Bernard Gunther 11 The Other Side of Silence.epub
Bernard Gunther 11 The Other Side of
Dark Matter_ The Private Life o – Philip Kerr.epub
Dead Meat – Philip Kerr.epub
Esau – Philip Kerr.epub
Field Grey – Philip Kerr.epub
German Requiem – Philip Kerr.epub
Hitler’s Peace – Philip Kerr.epub
If the Dead Rise Not – Philip Kerr.epub
March Violets – Philip Kerr.epub
Pale Criminal – Philip Kerr.epub
Philip Kerr – [Bernie Gunther 10] – The Lady from Zagreb (retail) (epub).epub
Philip Kerr – [Scott Manson 03] – False Nine (retail).epub
Philip Kerr – A Five Year Plan (v5.0).mobi
Philip Kerr – A Philosophical Investigation (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 01 – March Violets (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 01 to 03 – Berlin Noir, Omnibus (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 02 – The Pale Criminal (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 03 – A German Requiem (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 04 – The One From the Other (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 05 – A Quiet Flame (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 06 – If the Dead Rise Not (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 07 – Field Gray (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 08 – Prague Fatale (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Bernard Gunther 09 – A Man Without Breath (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Dark Matter, the Private Life of Sir Isaac Newton (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Dead Meat.epub
Philip Kerr – Gridiron Aka the Grid (v1.0).epub
Philip Kerr – Hitler’s Peace (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Prayer (v5).epub
Philip Kerr – Research  (v5.0).epub
Philip Kerr – Scott Manson 01 – January Window (v5.0).epub
Philip Kerr – The Second Angel.epub
Philip Kerr – The Shot (v5.0).mobi
Philip Kerr – The Winter Horses (v5).epub
Prague Fatale – Philip Kerr.epub
Prayer – Philip Kerr.epub
Scott Manson Thriller 02 – Hand of God (v5) .epub
The Grid – Philip Kerr.epub
The Most Frightening Story Ever – Philip Kerr.epub
The One from the Other – Philip Kerr.epub
The Shot – Philip Kerr.epub
The Winter Horses – Philip Kerr.epub

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