Ora Wilde collection

OUTCAST: A Stepbrother Romance:

A Forbidden Love. An Unexpected Consequence. A Life In Chaos.
Nash Walters.  Loner. Rebel. Outcast.
I know so little about him despite the fact that we live together under the same roof. Yet somehow, there’s something about him that stirs up the most intense of sensations within me… something that I know I should avoid at all cost.
You see, my life may not be perfect, but I am truly blessed. With a loving family. With options for a brighter future. And with a boyfriend who is caring and loyal and kind. I wouldn’t dare do anything that will jeopardize what I have.
But a series of events will lead to one night of reckless passion… one night that will change everything.
The world I know will burn and crumble, and nothing will ever be the same again.  I don’t know if I’m strong enough to survive the things to come.
What’s worse is that I think I’m falling in love with him, yet he continues to be as evasive as before.
Then there’s the matter of the secret he keeps… a secret so dangerous that it threatens to harm us all…
Including the tiny heartbeat that pulsates with mine.

NOTE: This book is meant for 18+ readers only. Its contents include graphic portrayals of sexual acts, profanities, violence, controversial subject matters, and a variety of adult situations. Reader discretion is strongly advised


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Books list:

A Town Of Rogues (Bastards Of B 1 – Ora Wilde.mobi
An Exchange Of Blood (Bastards Of Bedlam MC, Book 2).epub
My Stepbrother’s Bidding.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby For Him, Book 1.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby For Him, Book 2.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby For Him, Book 3.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby For Him, Book 4.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby Unexpected, Book 1.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby Unexpected, Book 2.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby Unexpected, Book 3.epub
STEPBROTHER A Baby Unexpected, Book 4.epub
STEPBROTHER A First Time For Everything.epub
STEPBROTHER Bad Boy Blues.epub
STEPBROTHER BAD BOYS  (Outcast,  Smirk,  Bad Boy Blues).epub
STEPBROTHER Behind Closed Doors.epub
Stepbrother Knows My Secrets.epub
Stepbrother stories (Stepbrother Sleepover, Stepbrother Learns His Lesson, The Girl Who Loved To Watch ).epub

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