Kaylea Cross collection

Ignited (Titanium Security #1):

When her father is murdered by a Taliban cell in the tribal regions of Pakistan, Khalia Patterson reluctantly steps into his shoes to carry on the legacy of Fair Start Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to furthering the education of girls. There she meets Hunter Phillips, the ex-SEAL and head of her Titanium security team, and quickly learns that coming to Pakistan might prove to be a deadly decision.

Battling demons of his own, Hunter grudgingly leads Khalia’s protective detail as a favor to his boss. From their first meeting it’s clear she’s going to be trouble, and that the cell that killed her father is hell bent on taking her out as well. Keeping her alive is one of the toughest assignments he’s ever faced, yet through one harrowing situation after another she continually impresses him with her strength and inner courage. Even though he fights his feelings for her, it’s a losing battle. And when the job is over, he doesn’t know how he’ll let her go.

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Books list:

Danger and Desire – Pamela Clare, Katie Reus, Dianna Love, Kaylea Cross, et al (epub).epub
Dangerous Attraction – Kaylea Cross, Jill Sanders, Dana Marton, et al (epub).epub
Heroes in Uniform – Gennita Low, Cristin Harber, Kaylea Cross, Dana Marton, Caridad Pineiro, et al (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Bagram Special Ops 01] – Deadly Descent [Carina] (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Bagram Special Ops 02] – Tactical Strike [Carina] (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Bagram Special Ops 03] – Lethal Pursuit (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Bagram Special Ops 04] – Danger Close (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Bagram Special Ops 05] – Collateral Damage.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Colebrook Siblings 01] – Brody’s Vow (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Colebrook Siblings 02] – Wyatt’s Stand.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Colebrook Siblings 03] Easton’s Claim.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Empowered 01] – Darkest Caress [Carina] (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 01] – Marked (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 02] – Targeted (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 03] – Hunted (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 04] – Disavowed (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 05] – Avenged (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 06] – Exposed.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 07] – Seized (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 08] – Wanted (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 09] – Betrayed (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Hostage Rescue Team 10] – Reclaimed (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Suspense 01] – Out of Her League.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Suspense 02] – Cover of Darkness.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Suspense 03] – No Turning Back.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Suspense 04] – Relentless.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Suspense 05] – Absolution.epub
Kaylea Cross – [Titanium Security 01] – Ignited (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Titanium Security 02] – Singed (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Titanium Security 03] – Burned (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Titanium Security 04] – Extinguished (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – [Titanium Security 05] – Rekindled (epub).epub
Kaylea Cross – The Vacant Chair (epub).epub

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