James Herbert collection

The fog:

A peaceful village in Wiltshire is shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind a trail of misery and horror. A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other. Whatever it is, it must be controlled.

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+ The City: Graphic novel (Rats, #4):

This graphic novel is the fourth of James Herbert’s “rat” novels, after “The Rats”, “Lair” and “Domain”. It maps a chilling post-apocalyptic future where the pathetic remnants of mankind scrape out an existence in ruins under the new order of the rats.

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Books list:


Ash – James Herbert.epub
Ghosts of Sleath, The – James Herbert.epub
Haunted – James Herbert.epub
James Herbert – ’48.epub
James Herbert – Creed.epub
James Herbert – Domain.epub
James Herbert – Fluke.epub
James Herbert – Lair.epub
James Herbert – Nobody True.epub
James Herbert – Once.epub
James Herbert – Others.epub
James Herbert – Portent.epub
James Herbert – Shrine.epub
James Herbert – The Dark.epub
James Herbert – The Fog.epub
James Herbert – The Jonah.epub
James Herbert – The Rats.epub
James Herbert – The Secret of Crickley Hall.epub
James Herbert – The Spear.epub
James Herbert – The Survivor.epub
Magic Cottage, The – James Herbert.epub
Moon – James Herbert.epub
Sepulchre – James Herbert.epub
Ash – James Herbert.mobi
Ghosts of Sleath, The – James Herbert.mobi
Haunted – James Herbert.mobi
James Herbert – Portent.mobi
Moon – James Herbert.mobi

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