From crayons to condoms: the ugly truth about America’s public schools by Steve Baldwin & Karen Holgate

From crayons to condoms: the ugly truth about America’s public schools by Steve Baldwin & Karen Holgate
WND Books | 2008 | ISBN: 0979267110, 9780979267116, 1935071513, 9781935071518 | 263 pages | EPUB | 1,9 Mb
America’s public schools are an utter disgrace, yet it’s not due to lack of money. Indeed, public schools receive far more funding per child than better-performing private schools do. It’s because our public schools are a monopoly where adult stupidity, greed and political correctness reign supreme.
In fact, today’s schools are laboratories for disaster, where failed methodologies and policies continually find new life thanks to bureaucracies more interested in maintaining power over parents and students than in educating. Shamefully, government at every level encourages this mass social experimentation on children – success optional. As the stories in “From Crayons to Condoms” show, the destruction of the hopes and dreams of generations of kids means nothing to public school administrators, as long as the educational bureaucracy remains intact.
“From Crayons to Condoms” co-author Steve Baldwin was the first critic of the public school system to become chairman of the California State Assembly Education Committee. His wide-ranging hearings on whole language, New New Math and other educational fads revealed the frauds and failures that have devastated California’s public schools – the largest such system in the world.
The publicity generated by that committee created an avalanche of letters from parents and teachers across the country, many of which are being made public for the first time in “From Crayons to Condoms.” Here, at last, are the voices of parents, teachers and students that school administrators, teachers unions and school boards have spent so much time and taxpayer money trying to stifle. The stories these letters tell are sure to horrify and outrage anyone concerned about our nation’s children.

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