Frank Coles, “How To Drive A Tank: And other everyday tips for the modern gentleman”

Epub, mobi, pdf

Call yourself a man? You do? Do you even know what a real man is? Are you a six-foot-one Adonis who wears all the latest fashions, moisturises regularly, visits spas for pleasure and never does anything wrong? Or do you drink twenty pints every Friday night, guzzle a kebab on the way home and then fart yourself to sleep? It’s time to stop being the man everyone expects you to be and be the one you want to be.

Learn how to:

– Pick locks, safes and chastity belts

– Disappear without a trace in 24 hours

– Win a gun fight

– Survive the wild

– Ride a wall of death

– Work a 4-hour week

– Survive any crisis

– Make things go boom

– Drive cars sideways

– Be a great dad

…and, of course, drive a tank.

Fast-paced and funny, this is the ultimate bible for the modern man.

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