Everet Martins: The Age of Dawn series

Everet Martins – [The Age of Dawn 01-03] – The Age of Dawn Series Box set.epub
Everet Martins – [The Age of Dawn 01] – Stormcaller (epub).epub
Everet Martins – [The Age of Dawn 02] – The Lord of Death (epub).epub
Everet Martins – [The Age of Dawn 03] – The Silver Tower (epub).epub
Everet Martins – [The Age of Dawn 04] – The Shadow Realm (epub).epub

Everet Martins introduces readers to the fantastical world of Zoria, a land of volcanos and carnivorous plants.
10,000 years have passed since Asebor was sealed during the first Age of Dawn. The power binding this malevolent god has finally waned, allowing him to once again beat the drums of war.
Men worship the Phoenix and Dragon gods. Some are fortunate enough to touch their essences, transforming ordinary women into fearsome warriors and men into miraculous healers.
The beginnings of the next scourge brushes the town of Breden, where Walter, son of elixir bean farmers, itches for adventure only to discover the harsh brutality of combat.

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