Dave O’Connor – Warner’s World series

Dave O’Connor – Warner’s World series


Dave Warner is the right person at the right place at the right time. He just doesn’t know it yet. It’s 2512 and he’s had no time to grieve for his wife and children killed in the first nuclear strike of a civil war between the Federation and Alliance. He commands the Federation frigate, Hermes, and is deep in enemy space on a mission to rescue his best friend who has vital intelligence about the start of the war.

Trouble is they’ve been betrayed, ambushed and suffered losses. Now his crew are beginning to doubt his judgement. What Dave doesn’t know is that he’s about to go on a roller coaster ride of events that will give him a new chance at love and transform him from the spiritual warrior into the reluctant hero. Humanity is about to get a new legend.

The Awakening is the first of Dave O’Connor’s Warner’s World series of sci-fi books set in the 26th Century. Warner’s World blends the genres of military sci-fi, space opera, adventure and romance. While the canvas gets bigger with each book in the series, the focus remains very much on the characters, their experiences and how they feel, think and respond to the events they are part of. These are not slow paced books devoted to intricate and evocative descriptions. Rather these are full of action, pace, rhythm and dialog. There is just enough description to provide a framework for the reader’s imagination. In that sense this series is a partnership between you and the author.

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Books list:

5 Audacity.epub
6 Resilience (Warner’s World Book – Dave O’Connor.epub
Dave O’Connor – [Warner’s World 01] – The Awakening.epub
Dave O’Connor – [Warner’s World 02] – Redemption.epub
Dave O’Connor – [Warner’s World 03] – Insurrection.epub
Dave O’Connor – Warner’s World 04 – Retribution [R].epub
5 Audacity.mobi
6 Resilience (Warner’s World Book – Dave O’Connor.mobi


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