Colin F. Barnes  collection

 Colin F. Barnes collection


Salt: In 2014 humanity didn’t stand a chance. A series of fatal climatic disasters struck, entirely drowning the planet. Now, just one hundred and twenty-five souls remain, surviving on a flotilla of damaged ships. But their survival isn’t guaranteed. Facing severe threats to their numbers by a fatal bacterium and increasingly warring factions, they discover a serial killer within their midst.

When the murderer targets Eva Morgan’s friend, her investigations draw her into a deadly mystery and a race against time before the killer’s actions destroy the fragile existence on the flotilla. The further she digs, the more secrets she uncovers, and the truth becomes a pawn in a game for ultimate survival.

With humankind on the brink of extinction, the story of SALT will take you on a thrill ride of intense emotions and incredible revelations.

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Books list:

Assembly Code (Book 2 of The Te – Colin F. Barnes.epub
Colin F Barnes – [The Techxorcist 00.5] – Apex Cypher (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – [The Techxorcist 01] – Artificial Evil (v5.0).epub

Colin F Barnes – [Code Breakers 01] – Alpha (v5.0) (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – [Code Breakers 02] – Beta (v5.0) (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – [Code Breakers 03] – Gamma (v5.0) (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – [Code Breakers 04] – Delta (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – [The Last Flotilla 01] – Salt (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – [The Last Flotilla 02] – Soil (epub).epub
Colin F Barnes – The Daedalus Code (epub).epub
Darren & Marcus Wearmouth – [Activation 01) – First Activation (epub).epub
Darren & Marcus Wearmouth – [Activation 02) – Second Activation (epub) .epub
Darren Wearmouth & Carl Sinclair – Sixth Cycle (epub).epub
Darren Wearmouth & Colin F Barnes – [Critical 01] – Critical Dawn (epub).epub
Darren Wearmouth & Colin F Barnes – [Critical 02] – Critical Path (epub).epub
Darren Wearmouth & Colin F Barnes – [Critical 03] – Critical Strike (epub).epub
Darren Wearmouth & Colin F Barnes – Sequence (epub).epub


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