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Steven Pressfield: The War of Art

Steven Pressfield: The War of Art

What keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do? How can we avoid the roadblocks of creative endeavour be it starting a business, writing a novel or painting a picture? THE WAR OF ART is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul.In this inspirational and engaging book, bestselling author Steven Pressfield helps people overcome what he terms ‘resistance’ and so release the individual’s abilities whether a diet programme, spiritual advancement, a business venture, writing a novel or any other life goal.It’s inspirational, practical and entertaining – emphasising the need to recognise and overcome the obstacles of ambition and how to acquire creative discipline.From the book: ‘There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.’Whether an artist, writer or business person, this inspirational, entertaining, and no-nonsense book will inspire you to seize the potential of your life.

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  • John Berger collection

    John Berger collection


    John Berger’s Classic Text on Art
    John Berger’s Ways of Seeing is one of the most stimulating and the most influential books on art in any language. First published in 1972, it was based on the BBC television series about which the (London) Sunday Times critic commented: “This is an eye-opener in more ways than one: by concentrating on how we look at paintings . . . he will almost certainly change the way you look at pictures.” By now he has.

    “Berger has the ability to cut right through the mystification of the professional art critics . . . He is a liberator of images: and once we have allowed the paintings to work on us directly, we are in a much better position to make a meaningful evaluation” —Peter Fuller, Arts Review

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  • Matt Kish: Heart of Darkness

    Matt Kish Heart of Darkness


    Following his epic “Moby Dick in Pictures,” artist Matt Kish has set himself upon an equally impressive, and no less harrowing, task: illustrating each page of Joseph Conrad’s masterpiece, “Heart of Darkness.” Kish’s rich, imaginative drawings and paintings mirror Conrad’s original text and illuminate Marlow’s journey into the heart of the Congo, and into the depths of the human soul. “Heart of Darkness” is a text ripe for analysis and argument, formally and thematically; it explores matters of imperialism, racism, gender, and the duality of human nature. Kish’s illustrations add another layer, and another voice to the conversation. His visual interpretation of “Heart of Darkness” is not just essential for fans and students of Conrad; it’s a work of art all its own.
    Kish’s introduction lends context to his approach, details his relationship and struggle with Conrad’s work, and illuminates his own creative process. An index in the rear of the book catalogs the sentences and phrases that inspired each of the one hundred original pieces of art.”

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  • Matt Kish: Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page

    Matt Kish Moby-Dick in Pictures One Drawing for Every Page

    Inspired by one of the world’s greatest novels, Ohio artist Matt Kish set out on an epic voyage of his own one day in August 2009. More than one hundred and fifty years following the original publication of Moby-Dick, Kish began illustrating Herman Melville’s classic, creating images based on text selected from every page of the 552-page Signet Classics paperback edition. Completely self-taught, Kish refused to set any boundaries for the artwork and employed a deliberately low-tech approach in response to the increasing popularity of born-digital art and literature. He used found pages torn from old, discarded books, as well as a variety of mediums, including ballpoint pen, marker, paint, crayon, ink, and watercolor. By layering images on top of existing words and images, Kish has crafted a visual masterpiece that echoes the layers of meaning in Melville’s narrative. In retrospect, Kish says he feels as foolhardy as Ishmael, the novel’s narrator, and as obsessed as Captain Ahab in his quest for the great white whale. “I see now that the project was an attempt to fully understand this magnificent novel, to walk through every sun-drenched word, to lift up all the hatches and open all the barrels, to smell, taste, hear, and see every seabird, every shark, every sailor, every harpooner, and every whale,” he says. “It was a hard thing, a very painful thing, but the novel now lives inside me in a away it never could have before.” Kish spent nearly every day for eighteen months toiling away in a small closet he converted into an art studio. In order to share the work with family and friends, he started the blog “One Drawing for Every page of Moby-Dick,” where he posted art and brief description about his process on a daily basis.

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  • Painting the Nude in Oils

    Painting the Nude in Oils

    The nude has inspired artists for centuries and continues to inspire us today. Alongside a historical study of the nude in painting, this book introduces oil paint and gives advice on techniques when using this challenging and rewarding medium. Capturing the beauty of form and the delicate colours of the figure, it celebrates the powerful images that examine human relationships, personality and psychology. The topics included are instructions on materials, the colour palette and stretching your own canvas; the practicalities of working with a model in the studio; colour-mixing exercises that explore colour relationships and temperature, and finally step-by-step examples that demonstrate the progression of a painting. This beautiful and essential guide to painting the nude in oils is aimed at oil painters including beginners, more experienced, untutored groups, individual artists and art historians and is beautifully illustrated with 152 colour images.


  • Lighting the Nude: Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets


    Lighting the Nude: Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets
    Rockport Publishers | 2003 | ISBN: 294037810X | English | 217 pages | PDF | 12 MB

    Compiling advice on lighting, including nudes and erotica, this volume explores the lighting techniques used by professional photographers, focusing on a gallery of images.In each case the focus is on how the lighting was achieved, and each is accompanied by a clear illustration showing the lighting set-up. A glossary of lighting terms is also included in this guide for the enthusiastic amateur and the new professional.

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  • Street Photography: 50 Ways to Capture Better Shots of Ordinary Life by Eric Kim

    Street Photography: 50 Ways to Capture Better Shots of Ordinary Life by Eric Kim
    Pdf, Epub, Mobi

    Eric Kim is a street photographer whose blog and sold-out workshops have
    become today’s most popular resources for aspiring “streettogs.” Learn
    street photography from a master educator!

    Street photography is fun, rewarding, and inexpensive. There is no need
    for the latest gadgets or trips to “exotic” places. Amazing images can
    be captured everywhere, all the time, and with the simplest equipment.
    All you need is a camera, an interest in ordinary people doing everyday
    things, and–of course–this book.

    In Street Photography, acclaimed photographer Eric Kim shares everything
    you need to develop your own street photography skills: how to conquer
    your fear of shooting in public, tips on choosing your gear, and
    inspiring techniques to discover the beauty in the mundane. You’ll learn
    how to chase the all-important “decisive moment,” and even how to find
    your own style. As a bonus, you’ll get insights from renowned street
    photographers Ludmilla Morais, Blake Andrews, Thomas Leuthard, and
    Kramer O’Neill.

    Street photography is all about discovering the wonderful things most of
    us are too busy to notice. Let this book inspire you to hit the
    streets–and turn everyday moments into extraordinary photos!


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  • Charles Evans: Quick and Clever Watercolour Pencils

    Charles Evans, “Quick and Clever Watercolour Pencils”

    Charles Evans shows you how to get the very best results from watercolor pencils in next to no time!

    Watercolor pencils are versatile, fun and easy-to-use no matter where
    you are. In Quick & Clever Watercolor Pencils, Charles leads you
    through the entire process of learning how to use these invaluable tools
    effectively, revealing his ingenious tips and tricks along the way.

    Packed with information on tools, materials and techniques
    Varied projects for outdoors and indoors, ranging from simple landscapes
    to more complex compositions, and from pets to buildings
    Inspirational pages from Charles’ own sketchbooks that clearly demonstrate the immediacy of this medium

  • Draw Animals in 4 Easy Steps: Then Write a Story


    Stephanie LaBaff, Tom LaBaff, “Draw Animals in 4 Easy Steps: Then Write a Story” 
    2012 | ISBN-10: 0766038408, 146440013X | 48 pages | EPUB | 13 MB

    Do you want to draw animals such as cats, dolphins or koala bears? While illustrator Tom LaBaff shows you how to draw these and many other animals in four easy steps, author Stephanie LaBaff shows you how to write a story to go along with your artwork. Get your pencils ready!

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  • Eric Shanes, “The Life and Masterworks of J.M.W.Turner (Temporis Series)

    Eric Shanes, “The Life and Masterworks of J.M.W.Turner (Temporis Series)”
    English | ISBN: 1859956874 | 2008 | PDF | 256 pages | 44 MB

    The prolific master J. M. W. Turner was born in Covent Garden in 1775
    and has left over 19,000 artworks that have eventually given to the fog
    of London its Turnerian savour. Turner was one of the most important
    Romantic when it came to landscapes, with an inimitable flair for
    seascapes, and a pioneer of mixing tone and hue. Today his works figure
    in the collections of the top museums of London, New York and Washington

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