Brittany Deal, “Wine: Savvy Girl, A Guide To Wine”

Brittany Deal, “Wine: Savvy Girl, A Guide To Wine”
English | ISBN: 0989710904 | 2013 | EPUB/PDF/MOBI | 96 pages | 4,2 MB/5MB/4MB

It’s hard to imagine a world without wine; I mean what else would we use
to help us decipher the meaning of life, cope with dating mishaps, or
get through an episode of The Bachelor?

But do you know what makes great wine better than good wine? Or why one
Chardonnay can taste totally different from another Chardonnay? How
about why restaurants put us through the whole wine-pouring ritual?

Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine leaves out the boring details and gets
straight to what you really want to know about wine: how to taste, talk
about, buy, and enjoy it. We know that you don’t need to be an expert on
wine, you just want to be savvy.

So get this five-hour read, get savvy, and then get back to your fabulous life.

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