Antony Trew collection

Death of a Supertanker
Sea Fever
The Road to the River
The Sea Break
The White Schooner
The Zhukov Briefing

The Zhukov Briefing:

The Russian Delta Two class ballistic missile submarine is the deadliest warship afloat, capable of destroying sixteen of the world’s largest cities. So when Zhukov, a recently launched prototype, goes aground off the Norwegian coast, the intelligence services of the world rush to the spot…

Among the reconnaissance planes and warships, there are soon dubious characters – including the crew of a British yacht, two American ‘ornithologists’ and Cantonese ‘tourists’ holidaying in Norway. They have to contend not only with each other but with the captain and commissar of the Soviet submarine, dedicated, ruthless men who will kill to safeguard their country’s secrets.

The Road to the River:

On a windy, rain-drenched night a successful executive rescues a lady whose car has broken down — to find himself on the run for murder…

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