Andrew Britton: Ryan Kealey series


At thirty-three, Ryan Kealey has achieved more in his military and CIA career than most men can dream of in a lifetime. He’s also seen the worst life has to offer and is lucky to have survived it. But being left alone with his demons is no longer an option. The CIA needs him badly, because the enemy they’re facing is former U.S. soldier Jason March.

Ryan knows all about March–he trained him. He knows they’re dealing with one of the most ruthless assassins in the world, a master of many languages, an explosives expert, a superb sharpshooter who can disappear like a shadow and who is capable of crimes they cannot begin to imagine. And now, March has resurfaced on the global stage, aligning himself with a powerful Middle East terror network whose goal is nothing less than the total destruction of the United States.

Teaming up with beautiful and tenacious British-born agent Naomi Kharmai, Ryan intends to break every rule in order to hunt down his former pupil, whatever the cost to himself. As Ryan puts together the pieces of a terrifying puzzle, and as the elusive March taunts him, always staying one step ahead, he discovers the mad man’s crusade is personal as well as political and Ryan himself is an unwitting pawn.

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Books list:

[Ryan Kealey 05] – The Operative (v5.0) (mobi).mobi
04 The Exile – Andrew Britton.epub
04 The Exile – Andrew Britton.pdf
06 The Courier – Andrew Britton.epub
Andrew Britton – Threatcon Delta (Ryan Kealey 7).epub
Ryan Kealy 01 – The American – Andrew Britton.pdf
Ryan Kealy 02 – The Assassin – Andrew Britton.pdf
Ryan Kealy 03 – The Invisible – Andrew Britton.pdf

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