Amigurumi Fairy Tales – Crochet Your Own Enchanted Forest by Joke Vermeiren, Tessa van Riet-Ernst
2015 | ISBN: 949164307X | English | 120 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Amigurumi-expert and fairy tale lover Tessa van Riet-Ernst puts numerous
world famous fairy tale characters in a new crochet jacket. Of course
Tessa put a bit of herself in there as well. The big bad wolf is
secretly a softy, but he tries to look more dangerous by wearing a spiky
collar. And Prince Charming is still not sure which princess stole his
heart: the lovely Snow White or Cinderella. Or maybe Rapunzel, with her
beautiful long hair? Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, the seven
goats, the ugly duckling and the three little pigs all play a leading

This book contains 8 world famous stories and more than 20 new patterns.
Projects ranging from beginner to advanced crocheter. Find complete
instructions for all basic stitches needed and lots of pictures of each
character from all sides.

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