All for the money: Bribery, cheats, swindles and other monetary fraud in Singapore by Sarah Ooi
  EPUB, pdf, mobi

Everyone wants to have more money and most of us work hard to earn a
living. However, there are some among us who complain that their money
is not enough but instead of earning their money, they take the easy way
and conspire to cheat and con others to achieve their means. Cases
featured in this book include the owner of a online blog shop who
offered bargain goods that did not exist; the insurance agent who sold
her millionaire client a non-existent premium policy; the four top chefs
from luxury hotels charged with corruption in a S$1 million kickback
case; the top surgeon who heavily overcharged her foreign clients; a
syndicate that cloned ATM cards to steal from a major bank. These are
the stories of the men and women who let their love of money get the
better of them

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